How to Be Bitter–Correctly

A new poet with the not-so-euphonious name of Theodore Worozybt, Jr., is making a splash with a new kind of poem that reminds me very much of the late great philosopher Heraclitus.

He calls these lines "Aphorisms," which is accurate in terms of their format, but inadequate to explain their mysterious power.

Not all of these lines are true sayings, if you ask me. Some are descriptions with metaphoric implications; some are puns of a sort; some are impossible to prove or disprove, even on a philosophic scale.

But here’s the one that matters for this discussion:

           Be bitter but only about the Truth.

This is, I think, crucial. When it comes to global warming, we cannot let our frustration overcome the facts; still, for those who would ignore or mislead or flat-out lie about this truth, bitterniss is fully appropriate.

Use your bitterness well. 

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