The Smell of a Serial Killer

A young woman reporter from Vancouver known as raincoaster recounts her all-too-close encounter with Canada's worst serial killer. What she remembers best about pig farmer Robert Pickton is the way he smells:

My family has farms, I know what pigs and pig farming smell like, and I
know what a shower can do for that. I also know, from my other
researches, that serial killers are associated with a particular smell.
Willie didn’t smell like pigs, he smelt like something that is nearly
impossible to describe. If metal could rot, that would be the smell of
it; it was tangy, it seemed charged with negative ions, it nearly made
my eyes water, and it was physically repulsive in the extreme.

Yikes. It's a very creepy story, esp for a father. Read it here…if you dare. Here's a drawing by Daylife of the man accused of killing dozens of women, based on a video from his cell.


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  1. raincoaster

    Thanks for the post. A wee point: I USED to be a reporter, or rather a columnist and freelancer. Now I’m a blogger, and that is a first-person account of an experience, not a piece of objective journalism.

    The serial killer smell is a weird phenomenon. You’ll see it mentioned from time to time; one fellow I know says it’s adrenaline, but how much adrenaline must the body be producing to make it actually reek like that? In historical documents there is a smell associated with possession by demons, and I believe that the two smells are identical. We’re just explaining them to the best of our ability with the concepts we have at any given time. Not all serial killers have that smell, but some of the most sadistic do.

    Women serial killers, strangely, are not associated with this smell. Maybe some day science will figure out what it is.

    April 14, 2009
  2. Auto glass Coolidge arizona

    Wow I didn’t realize that is just strange to me. Take Care.

    April 14, 2009
  3. Tanja Guven

    He looked like that, and he smelled like that. How did he ever manage to attract the women he killed at all?

    December 1, 2010

    Yeah fuckin right those mofos smell I have extra sensory perception and I believe it could be the opposite of adrenalin. Maybe it’s the complete opposite because murderers are completely relaxed after the most serious alter cations that a normal human in a heated situation would produce heightened sir regions of adrenalin. For example Richard Remirez was a coll calculating cat that was extremely Erie when it came to his aura and yes I heard he smelt like metallic leather. Peace fido dido the all seeing eye.

    July 31, 2013
  5. Madeline d

    That makes sense and let me apologize for your curse words but serial killers probably smell like greasy sweat or maybe their diet but your point makes sense ps I am psychic to and I am sure you know ESP stands for something else fido.

    July 31, 2013