“Real Science” denier site called out by real scientist

Look at this chart from researchers at the University of Bremen, via a compilation page of scientific Arctic data sources, and ask yourself: What trend do you see? 

Now look at the same basic question — how much of the Arctic is covered by ice, in recent years — from the point of Steven Goddard, who runs the climate change denier site "Real Science." 

Here's the headline: Arctic Sea Ice Continues to Recover

Here's the first sentence of the post: "Every year since 2007 has had more ice than 2007."

That's right: Goddard finds a record low in 2007, visible above, and since it hasn't gotten measurably worse since, assumes that, in the words of Voltaire, all is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.

It's the same technique used to deny rising global world temperatures, by the likes of George Will and other climate change deniers re: rising temps. Because the high water mark was set during a epochal El Nino year (in l998), Will et al claim that the steady march of temperatures up the graph since means nothing. 

A real scientist, Julienne Stroeve, one of the leading observersof the cryosphere, when asked her opinion of the blindly optimistic Goddard, bluntly scoffed in a comment on his site:

Steve chose a graph that shows what he wants to portray while ignoring all the other institutions that show either a record low for 2011 or a “tie” with 2007. University of Bremen already announced it is a new record low. In my opinion, given the error margin of the measurement and algorithms, 2007 and 2011 basically tied in their extent this year. NSIDC will likely show 2011 as the second lowest, but again it’s within the error margin (which is about 50,000 sq-km).

Fascinating that Stoeve rose to challenge the denier. Speaking of trends, this seems to becoming one in recent months. We have Prof. John Abraham challenging notorious denier Chris Monckton,  showing not only how he misleads, but his self-contradictions; Kevin Trenberth, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who is one of the most productive atmospheric scientists of our time, who called out deniers and those who fail to confront them at this year's annual meeting of meterologists; and John Beddington, Chief Scientific Advisor to the British government, who this spring called on scientists to be as "intolerant" of deniers and others who mislead with phony science as those who make racist claims.

Will it help? Too soon to tell, but Chris Mooney reports that a group of scientists going beyond the issuance of papers and speaking out as a group against mountain-top removal has had an impact…at least in the press. 

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