Clint Eastwood: It’s halftime in America

A TV news station asks the horserace question about perhaps the biggest ad of the Superbowl this year: Clint Eastwood's. Which has to do with "Imported from Detroit" car company. Will this be as big a hit as was last year's adored Emimem commercial?

Short answer: Yes. As with the rapper, Eastwood risks his credibility as an artist by selling out in order to reach the widest possible audience — but succeeds brilliantly.   

Forty-one years ago Eastwood was Dirty Harry, the character who first and most memorably in modern times raged against the government. To have the face of anti-government rage now appropriate the language of Ronald Reagan's most famous commercial and speak for Detroit and, implicitly, the government effort to save the city, the state, and the industry…well, that's huge. 

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  1. pow wow

    ONE note eye-con –ALERT!–

    Meanwhile, Eastwood himself, a Korea era draftee who
    got out of going, continues to BALK and BURY the
    awesomely relevant, inconveneitnly ‘EUGENICS REAL’
    —-20th –30th –40th –50th –and NOW 60th Anniversary
    of the

    ———————-KOREAN WAR———————–

    February 5, 2012