Will Ventura County’s Prez-picking streak continue?

Ventura County is one of just eight counties around the country that has picked every winner of the Presidential contest since Warren Harding successfully (with one exception — l976). Timm Herdt, the reigning political writer in this parts, hints that the streak may continue: 

In early 2008, Democrats overtook Republicans to gain a plurality
among registered voters in Ventura County. That fall, Obama carried the
county by 12 percentage points.

"A lot of younger people started becoming more politically active,
and that certainly started swinging things toward the Democratic Party,"
said former Supervisor Susan Lacey of Ventura.

The local races look close, but a substantial lead among party registration (about 44% Democratic to about 30 Republican, with about 20% Independent) gives the Prez a leg up.

Here's the history: 

Because county voters are substantially more Democratic than in past decades, due in large part to an influx of Latinos, the county will likely vote for Obama, probably at a higher rate than the nation.

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