Coffee is good for you: New England Journal of Medicine

Unbelieveably unpuritanical but factual. Here's the first sentence of the conclusion of a study of 617k participants, published in our leading medical journal, and written in (of course) the driest possible prose: 

In this large, prospective U.S. cohort study, we observed a
dose-dependent inverse association between coffee drinking and total
mortality, after adjusting for potential confounders (smoking status in
particular). As compared with men who did not drink coffee, men who
drank 6 or more cups of coffee per day had a 10% lower risk of death,
whereas women in this category of consumption had a 15% lower risk. 

Coffee drinkers have already built a vast global infrastructure to support their habit, so the study will change nothing — except maybe the guilt. 

Knowing Americans, that's a big maybe. 

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