Coffee is good for you: The Institute for Coffee Studies

It's okay! Even "a lot" of it, for those who like that sort of thing. That's according to a story in the Atlantic Wire, which has made quite a splash on the Web this year for its well-chosen topics and bright, chatty style.

The first expert quoted. Dr. Peter Martin, encourages the drinking of coffee all through the day. Turns out he works at the Institute for Coffee Studies.

At Vanderbilt University, but still – sounds like the Onion.

Can't be helped, apparently. 


No matter: This reporter will take any excuse to swill more coffee this upcoming week at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting, the largest earth sciences conference on the planet. With hundreds of presentations and thousands of posters, it's the biggest information overload I know. What mentor Andy Lipkis at TreePeople used to call simply "overwhelm." 

Happy to be attending again this year, starting Monday. Will try to post as much as possible. Any questions you might have, I might be able to ask. Here's the scientific program

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