A pilgrimage to the snow on the mountain: 2013

Every year for the past fifteen or so I've walked up our local mountains, called Topa Topa, during the snows. This year, as you can see, we've had only dustings…


…but still, I was not alone. Saw nearly two dozen fellow travelers, from age one or so to seventy, in all shapes and sizes, with dogs and alone, in large groups, or alone, outfitted immaculately, or in sneakers and t-shirts. Most heading up to the ridge, at about 5000 feet, where the snow lay a little more thickly.

A sort of pilgamage to winter. Sensed a little excitement around the rarity of the snow this year, now that it did come, at least a little.  How reassuring to see the patches of white, feel that cold wind blow. 

Was a lovely day, sunny but cool, with lots of smiles. Some kid on the trail called me "sir" and actually appeared to mean it. Holy cow. 

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