The loveliness of a violin, with gamelan, from Lou Harrison

According to the late great California composer Lou Harrison: "A good gamelan is the most beautiful musical ensemble on the planet."

His point was proved this spring at the Ojai Music Festival, where a fifteen-person-strong ensemble, called Gamelan San Raras, from UC Berkeley, with Hrabba Attadottir on the violin, played Harrison's meltingly gorgeous Philemon and Baukis. And for free, a gift of the festival!  

Hear here (from a recording available on-line):

The loveliness cannot be overstated. 


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  1. sfmike

    Did you manage to catch Harrison’s Concerto for Piano and Gamelan at the same festival? It’s my new favorite piece of music.

    June 22, 2013
  2. Kit Stolz

    I did not, unfortunately….haven’t heard that one. Looking for it did come across some interesting items, including a recording of Keith Jarrett playing Harrison (w/others). Will wonders never cease…

    June 27, 2013