El Nino will not save you — sorry SoCal: Patzert

Must say it's been a lovely warm weekend…even if dry as heck. Perhaps we should get used to that. Last week William Patzert, the well-known oceanographer and climate expert, dropped some knowledge on on reporter Melinda Burns re: an upcoming "rainy" season in California.

Her story is called Dry with a Chance of Drier, and it's a warning especially for Southern Californians.  

    “There’s definitely no El Niño going to gallop over the horizon and save you,” Patzert says, referring to the climatic conditions in the Pacific Ocean that favor biblical rains. “A dry decade every once in awhile is good, because it makes you rethink your water usage and your future.”

We've all heard of biblical rains, but how often in comparison biblical droughts? 

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    Must say it’s been a lovely warm weekend

    December 6, 2013