Sexy “rock art” in the Sespe wilderness: 2013

While I'm working up a post on "invasion biology," the monstering of tamarisk, and what it means for us to care for our local wilderness in the 21st century, I cannot resist posting this daring "rock art" photographed just this week in the Sespe Wilderness….


I wonder who the anonymous rock artist is — I took this picture on Monday in a canyon above Fillmore, so he or she or they live amongst us, almost certainly, right here in Ventura County.  

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  1. Jeegies

    Hey Kit, I decided to shuffle the stones a bit.

    Can you arrange them back?

    What the heck am I talking about?

    Here’s what.

    P.S. There’s no other way for anybody to see this p***** except through the link above. You can destroy it forever by deleting the link.

    January 29, 2014