Drought expert to Ojai: You have too many damned trees

JPL/NASA scientist Bill Patzert gave Ojai some hell this afternoon, as part of the Facing Drought Together event: From an excellent, may I say, story in the Ventura County Star by Anne Kallas:

“Don’t expect a quick fix. Droughts are slow in coming, and they are slow getting out of. We need to change the way we use water,” said Patzert, who cited a dramatic rise in population in Southern California, a semiarid area that is supported by water imported from the Colorado River and the northern part of the state.

Patzert said state residents must change their water habits.

“We need to change the way we manage water. It starts with how you vote. And you’ve got too many damned trees. Do you know how much water trees use?” he said to gasps from the Ojai audience.

Bill Patzert loves to provoke. It's how he keeps the audience awake as he discusses the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which he convincingly argues modulates the global warming signal, and may keep us in drought for another decade. He scoffs at the NOAA forecast of a "50-50" chance of an El Nino next year, calling it "the great WET hope." 


Will bring you more on this event soon, or you can read the full story at: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2014/mar/09/panelists-discuss-drought-in-ojai/#ixzz2vXjN54Gt 
– vcstar.com 

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  1. Matthew Heberger

    I’ve never been to Ojai, so I’m barely qualified to comment, but I’d say keep the trees and ditch the lawns!

    March 10, 2014
  2. Nancy Gross

    Hi Kit, I wanted to attend this event. Ulrich had mentioned it to me but I had forgotten the date. I am now Editor of Water Efficiency Magazine http://www.waterefficiency.net. I used to do The Bubble (sorta still do but not as much). Maybe we can talk sometime and I can get contact info the presenters you had.

    March 11, 2014
  3. Kit Stolz

    Hi Nancy — happy to talk. The Google Voice button on the site actually does work, or you can email me (kitstolz@gmail.com). Will likely delete this soon so as not to be targeted by junk mail.

    March 11, 2014