Facing Drought Together: Ojai Valley News

Let me share Kimberly Rivers' thoughtful newspaper story about an event here in town I helped launch —Facing Drought Together – which did draw a good crowd, and got a lot of conversation started I hope.

Here's an excerpt from story in the Ojai Valley News

1-DSC_0391“I took away the realization that a lot of other people in Ojai share my concern,” said event organizer and moderator, Kit Stolz, after the event. “If we really are looking at another decade or more of drought — which is quite possible — we will have to be prepared to make changes, and to see change happen in our town and in our environment. That won’t be easy, but I feel much less alone, and that’s deeply helpful.”

Stolz is a longtime freelance reporter in Ventura County and a resident of Upper Ojai. He was inspired to plan this event when the man he called to look at his water well suggested that he “cut way back and pray for rain.”

“This is the right conversation to be having,” said Ched Myers, Ojai resident, author and theologian,“not as an extraordinary event, but as a regular event in the life of this community.”

“We are a community because we share a watershed,” said Victoria Loorz, associate pastor at Ojai Valley Community Church. Loorz, Myers and other spiritual leaders from the valley closed Sunday’s event, saying prayers for rain. “This is a spiritual issue, as much as it is a practical issue,” said Loorz.

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