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Can hipsters take a joke?

Guess we'll find out. Here's Ted Rall on the subject (along with a long rant on the subject of Time and their piece on Millenials vs. Gen X'rs):

 And here's a joke to match, courtesy of Dr. Dave White: 

How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

It's a really cool number, but you probably haven't heard of it. 

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The pen is mightier than the Mitt Romney

As the inevitability of dreary Mitt Romney's candidacy for President for the GOP becomes inescapable, one has to wonder — will today's character artists be able to make fun of him?

Will he be a target-rich opportunity, as exemplified by the likes of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, or will he just be bland, like Dick Cheney? 

The truth is, he seems to be coming into focus slowly. The great Mike Lukovich highlights the blurriness around his eyes — who is this man? 


Most of the attempts available from not well known artists do not impress, but there are surprises, such as this one from Adam Zyglis

Toles, as usual, tends to dominate, but today's sketch is particuarly rich


But to my eyes, the most evolved — and dangerous — characterization comes from Ted Rall. 

The mitt-bot
The Mitt-Bot. 

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How to win the conversation over global warming

Shorter sentences, says Rall


Looks a little frustrated to me, though…

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Obama in trouble, lefties and righties agree

From conservative David Brooks, on public radio Friday, when asked — as the President suggested — if it's true that President Obama has a communications problem:

Mr. BROOKS: Yeah. Well, maybe the Titanic had a communications problem with the iceberg. You know, I just think it's a wrong diagnosis. You know, 60 or 70 percent of this election was the economy, no question about that. But when you take a look at your four major initiatives: cap and trade, health care, bailouts, stimulus bill and they're all unpopular, well, usually when parties promote unpopular things, they suffer in the next election.

To lefty Ted Rall, disgusted at Obama for his lack of action on unemployment:

When both sides of the political spectrum agree that the President is fooling himself when he blames his messaging and not his actions…you know he has a real problem.


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Three strikes for bears

Ted Rall likes to work from bizarre but real news stories. Sometimes this makes his work seems a little beyond belief, but when you see the context, it all begins to make sense…in a 21st sort of way. 


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LA Times: out of the fire, into the Eisner frying pan?

The Los Angeles Times is in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding that is opaque, to say the least, from the outside; it's shed literally hundreds of reporters and editors over the last few years, its circulation has plummeted…but despite all that, it's been on fire this summer.

Its series on the public pensions in Bell provoked public demonstrations and resulted in the passage of legislation in the state capitol. Its series on the value-added teacher rankings has also made national news (and was disapproved of by NPR, but got a flat-out rave from Slate's Jack Shafer, who pointed out the information it used was freely available to one and all…by California law). 

And now it's backing cartoonist Ted Rall, who has returned to Afghanistan in search of the pipeline that some (notably Michael Moore) think is the real stakes in the war. What other major media outlet would be so bold as to run a wacky series by a lefty cartoonist from freaking Afghanistan?


Now news comes that the paper may soon be in the hands of Michael Eisner, famous for remaking Disney…and driving away his former friend and best mind, Jeff Katzenberg.

No idea if long-time readers should celebrate, or mourn. I only hope the paper doesn't back down from its new-found feistiness.

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Terrorists Attack Again! Well, Sort of…

I think this, from the irrepressible Ted Rall, is really funny. Is that wrong? Terroristsattackwtchole

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The Ruthlessness of Wolves

Not really: Ted Rall is making a point. And a pretty sharp one…


Is it just me, or is there something perversely satisfying about seeing wolves shoot humans?

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How Would You Like to Be Unemployed Today?

I think I'm in category three. Could be worse, actually. At least I'm "scrappy," according to Rall.


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Pessimism Lite: It’s the New Optimism!

Ted Rall has really been on a roll lately. I can't prove this to you in his space, since his site has come up with a devious ploy to make his editorial cartoons difficult to reproduce. As a blogger who tries conscientiously (I think) to give credit where credit is due, and makes no money blogging, I think this is kind of dumb, and kind of sad, and I wonder if Rall (no dummie) is really on board with the idea.

But I can direct you to his latest, which has a global warming pay-off…that's surprisingly funny. Look!

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